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    Bringing you peace of mind!

    It's been a privilege to serve home owners with high quality roofing and exterior services services  for over 16 years and counting.

    Antonio & Crystal Martinez,  business owner with a passion to help people, enjoys looking at the world through a positive just do what's right lens. Inspiration came from the need for home owners to be heard, respected and to build rapport with home owners. We want home owners to get what they want! They deserve more, and we're going to happily give it to them! at the best possible price! 


    1) We don't send  clueless estimators to your home, with Water Shield you will speak to a knowledgeable professional who is happy to answer any and all of your questions.

    2) We actually get on your roof during quote process! it may take more energy to climb up a ladder rather than walk around the house to estimate, but actually climbing up the ladder onto the roof is key to getting a precise quote, allowing us to provide the customer with the best possible price!

    3) DEMEANOR - We have been told on many occasions by our  men & women customers that they feel at ease in our presents and that they like and appreciate our courteous demeanor.

    4) We provide more value by providing more services and giving better warranties.

     We truly value our customers, you will not be put on the back burner after service completion, and we will continue to be at your service should you need it in the  future. 

    5) We work with you

    We are ready to help you with insurance claims, HOA interfacing, you name it we're with you. Not sure where or when to start your project? We love questions, call us we are more then happy to make sure your project runs as smooth as possible!

    We are excited every day to help home owners achieve peace of mind. In doing so this gives us peace of mind, which is a direct result of satisfaction in knowing we did our best to become the best we are capable of becoming.


    WATER SHIELD will solve any roofing & exterior  issues you have with the best solution for your needs!